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How to Choose Outdoor Grills for a Summertime BBQ Party

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Hosting an outdoor barbeque party is a summertime delight. The aromas from juicy burgers and sausages cooking on a grill are perfect for a Fourth of July party or just a cookout pool party.

Hosting an outdoor grilling party is easy and fun. You will need outdoor cooking essentials such as outdoor grills and, of course, a good selection of fresh food. Here are some tips for throwing a fun summer party that you and your guests will enjoy.

There are many types of outdoor grills you can choose from for your BBQ party. Let’s briefly discuss each.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are easy to use. That’s why they’re considered to be a practical choice for backyards and small patios. They are powered by natural gas or bottled propane. We’d recommend opting for a gas grill made from metal that is non-corrosive and rust-proof. Thus, you can leave the grill outdoors for those impromptu luncheons.

Choose outdoor gas grills with two or three burners to cook side dishes alongside grilling meat. Gas grills are easy to use as they come with electric ignitions that are easy to switch on and off. Grills with an option to switch to propane tanks make outdoor cooking simpler.

Charcoal Grills

Outdoor grills such as wood or charcoal grills smoke the meat beautifully, and the rich aroma of charcoal-cooked food is fantastic. These grills are powered by charcoal briquettes or wood that give the meat a distinctive smoky flavor. Opt for charcoal grills with user-friendly features such as a drip tray; so you can use the flavorful meat juices to make sauces.

As the temperatures tend to get quite high during grilling, opt for charcoal grills made from durable material such as stainless steel. For outdoor cooking, opt for portable grills that are lightweight but also durable. In these terms, Weber offers one of the best series that includes Weber Q1200, Weber Q2200, and many other portable grills. These grills can run on propane or charcoal and are perfect for traveling.

Electric Grills

Another option you can consider for your outdoor party is an electric grill. Outdoor cooking is easier with electric grills as the grilling is done without the use of charcoal or gas. The meat is grilled on heated electric plates. Electric models perfectly suit beginners since they require a minimum of skills, time on installation and maintenance. Moreover, you can use it even in the urban area or at home.

Choose a practical grill you can use to have a wonderful summer barbeque party.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Grill

The abundance of brands and models on the market can confuse even experienced chefs. So, it’s quite natural that choosing a grill or a portable BBQ can be awkward for those who aren’t familiar with such cooking tools. But the right installation can also become a problem. Here, we collected three main tips on how to make sure you have the right grill and the right place for it. We hope they can put you on a strong footing and give an answer to many issues.

  • 1) A huge, bulky, glossy BBQ may look attractive and will undoubtedly impress your mates, but is it the most practical? Experts believe that the right portable BBQ would better suit your needs. Large grills may not only take up a lot of space in your garden, but they can be overpowering and unwise for usage. Most probably, you won’t need such a speed at which food cooks within seconds. Big models provide us with some, but they are also heading for a lot of burnt and wasted food.
    Choosing a charcoal BBQ or portable BBQ that is just big enough for your normal-sized BBQ party is the best solution. You don’t necessarily need to cook all the food at once. Research shows that people prefer to graze at BBQs. After all, the statistics reveal the whole experience of many users, both with compact and the largest charcoal BBQ.
  • 2) Regardless of the final dimensions, you will still need to think about where you are going to place your purchase. And this is essential both for cooking and storage. Please consider beforehand the surface you are placing the BBQ on. Is it shielded from wind and rain? Also, don’t forget to pay your respect to the neighbors – make sure that smoke and noise are not going to cause your neighbors any problems and you any complaints about your BBQ. Your parties aren’t going to be the quietest of events. The idea is to enjoy yourselves and having friends and family around. Also, try to choose a spot that is easy enough for people to access and get food from but is not in the way of children that may be running around.
  • 3) The safety of guests, pets, and wildlife is paramount, regardless of whether you have a portable BBQ or a stationary model. Consider anything that could set on fire or things that could be affected by the smoke. Look through your grill’s manuals, make sure you assemble it right, and the unit is built sturdy and will not fall over.


Cooking on a grill has become more and more popular over recent years. This may be down to the fact that we are now living in warmer climates or may simply be down to the fact that eating and cooking outside is in our blood.

Anyway, we can say for sure that the market offers lots of product options for any customer, level of experience, budget, and desired cooking achievements. A properly chosen and installed grill will become your devoted cooking assistant for years.